shares the same nimble, client-centric and creative operating principles as its parent company. The end game is to help you and your organization communicate effectively to achieve your goals.


Jennette Smith Kotila, CORE Creative Works executive principal, is a 20-year business journalist reinvented as a strategic communicator and marketing executive. A communications leader with a strong interest in entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy and economic development, she’s here to help your organization meet your goals.

“I’m a copywriter, a herder of cats, and a purveyor of humor. If you need someone for both consulting and execution, I can be your one-stop shop for communications strategy and services,” said Jennette Smith Kotila, who also serves as a vice president and director of marketing and communications for CORE Partners.

CORE Creative Works also plays well with others if you would like to retain existing vendors for elements of your marketing, PR and communications campaigns.

Services Available Include:

Freelance writing and editing; speech writing; infographics; email or web site content; social media strategy, support and execution; media relations. CORE Creative Works also can provide operations support for creative teams wrangling a big project. Jennette’s training as a seasoned journalist and editor enables her to do the work of worry for you. She will handle your needs personally or with the support of trusted and vetted freelance colleagues.


Other Services and Capabilities

Marketing communications and strategy, custom content, speech writing, white papers, media relations, fundraising messaging, event promotion, operations support for creative teams. Custom contract work to help you amplify your message.

Subject Matter Expertise

Commercial real estate and economic development, nonprofits, marketing, media, hospitality, leadership, women’s leadership, inspired workplaces. Also: Detroit revitalization, sustainability.

Creative Collaboration

Jennette is a member of a network of seasoned and talented writers, editors and marketing experts well-prepared to meet client needs. We can serve as a project lead or subcontractor depending on the circumstances. We also can serve as a project management resource to others. Jennette is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators and is noted for her best practices rooted in her journalism background.


Jennette’s clients to date include: The City of Troy, mentoring nonprofit Winning Futures, The Birmingham Roundtable, real estate firm REalta¬†and others.¬†